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Momotombo SF brought back a piece of the iconic album "The Fillmore: Last Days" to Hayward, CA Latin Jazz Festival.

Leo Rosales, whose solo on that album influenced a generation of Latin percussionists, is featured here on the very song, "Pana," that he played at The Fillmore in 1971.

Even if the power goes off, Momotombo SF plays on!!

Check out David George (drums), Ahkeel Mestayer (congas) and Leo Rosales on timbales keepin' it going for the crowd.
And when the power comes back where were we... Um ... Let's jam like it's the Summer Of Love!
Jorge Santana and Gabriel Manzo on guitars, David Margen on bass, Bob Crawford on keys.  Thanks to Frank Bailey (trumpet) for this fun video from the perspective of the incredible Momotombo SF horn section with Marcia Miget (sax) and Mike Rinta (trombone).  Serjio Diaz (lead vocal).       Hayward Latin Jazz Festival, Hayward, CA

Momotombo SF was honored to be invited back to Hayward, CA, this time for the Vintage Alley Car Show.

Here are a few clips from the return show!

Momotombo SF was honored to be invited back to Redwood City, CA for the annual LRI Christmas Concert, December 2019. Video courtesy of Phil Wong